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Monday, February 29, 2016

Sick and Afflicted: a reprise

The damp cold and dirty germy busses of Southend are finally getting
to me. I had just shaken off a head cold when I got sick again, but
this time it feels like I have been repeatedly kicked in the chest by
a kangaroo. I have been coughing up my lungs and being in the cold
wind feels like I'm trying to breathe out of a plastic tube.
Thankfully today is Pday and we are going to relax and take it easy
today so we can attack this next week with enthusiasm.

One day Sister Smith and I were walking down the street when we saw a
full length mirror on the side of the road with a sign that said
"free". We talked it over and decided we needed a mirror, so we picked
it up and carried it home. It was very heavy, and we got some really
weird looks as we tried to pull it onto the bus to get it home. But it
was totally worth it.

Most English people have no sense of USA geography. One man thought he
was being very clever and decided to tell me, not ask me, where I was
from based on my accent. He said , "Your from the east, north coast,
probably around Washington state." It was really hard not to laugh out
loud, but I still answered that he was close, but I was from the
opposite side of the country from Utah. As many people have no idea
where Utah is, I usually have to describe it as being "close" to

On Tuesday we came home to our flat and realized that none of our
sockets were working. We had heat and electricity but that was it.
With horror we realized all of our food in the fridge was going bad,
and that we were completely out of money so we couldn't buy anymore
food. We had no dinner appointments for the week, and for the first
time in my life I wondered what I would eat the next day. We called
some members to see if they could help us out. Brother Barron came to
save the day by showing us how to flip the switch on the circuit
breaker. Haha we felt so stupid that the solution was so simple,
although we did lose quite a bit of food. The next day we were able to
get reimbursed for some things and had enough to buy stuff. Whew! What
a relief! :)

We had a lesson with a man named Ed who we met on the street. He
seemed really flakey, especially because he wasn't willing to give us
his phone number. But we decided to go to our appointment anyways. I
was pretty sure that he wasn't going to come, but Sister Smith wanted
to wait a little longer. We decided to give him 5 more minutes. At the
end of that 5 minutes he actually came! A whole 25 minutes late, but
he came and had a great lesson with him.

Sunday the bishop approached me and told me that the speaker
hadn't shown up, and asked if I could help out. I felt terrified about
giving a talk with such short notice. But this lovely sister had
emailed her talk to the bishop and all I had to do was read it out to
the congregation. I think it was by far one of the weirdest things I
have done in a sacrament meeting.

I love you all and hope you have a stupendous week!

Sister McFarland

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