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Monday, February 8, 2016

Fasting Works!

Hello! I hope you have all had a good week. We had a really cool
miracle this week. We decided to fast with an investigator to help him
overcome his smoking. We went out to eat together to start our fast
and he took us to this fancy Italian restaurant that gave us so much
food my skirt was uncomfortably tight. Unfortunately, take out boxes
aren't really a thing here so I couldn't enjoy my leftovers later. But
we started our fast together. The next day at church he told us that
he doesn't even have cravings to smoke anymore! We are so excited for
him. He is scheduled to be baptized next Sunday. This has really
strengthened my testimony of fasting. I know that God hears and
answers our prayers!
 We had another cool experience this week when we went to stop by a
less active. When we got there she was really overwhelmed and stressed
out; she had a lot to do and her little baby girl wasn't helping. I
wished we could have helped her with the baby, but we did help her
clean up the house and shared an inspirational message. I really felt
that we were guided to her to help her out that day.

 Something I am really learning on my mission is the importance of
being bold. We were teaching someone who just likes to argue anti
Mormon stuff, and during the lesson I was so frustrated that he wasn't
listening to us at all. I decided that being a 'cute, nice, sister'
wasn't good enough. I finally just slammed my hand down and said (a
bit too angrily) "We have already answered that question a million
times and we are so frustrated that we have to answer it again! For
the last time, not everything you read on the internet is true!" I
also said some other very bold things and bore testimony of Joseph
Smith and the Book of Mormon. It was a bit scary, but we are seeing
him again next week.

I hope you all have a great week!
Sister McFarland
Romford zone meeting

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