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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Jilted at the Font

Hello all! And Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you all had a great one.
So as you may have guessed from the title of this email, our baptism
didn't happen on Sunday. We tried to call our investigator on Saturday
to see how he was doing and he wouldn't answer the phone. We were
super stressed but had to wait until Sunday to see what would happen.
It was weird getting ready for church and not really knowing whether
or not we would be having a baptism. We went to church early to make
the programs, but we weren't even sure if Aldrin was still coming. But
he never showed up to church and wasn't answering his phone. So we
cancelled the baptism and had to tell the ward that it wasn't
happening anymore. We were so upset! We did eventually get a hold of
him, and he had some last minute concerns about baptism. We were so
disappointed! He was so close to making this important step in his
life, and it was so hard to see him choose not to.

Serving in London, I get to experience so many different cultures.
There are people from all over the world! We go from teaching someone
from Scotland, to someone from the Philippines, or India, or Poland,
or basically any other country you can imagine all in one day. It is
so fun to pick up things from all of these cultures. I'm not only
learning the English culture, but cultures from all around the world!

We had dinner with a family from the Philippines. They are so lovely!
It was their daughter's birthday, so there was a lot of extended family
there as well, all speaking fluent Tagalog and Sister Matthews and I
had no idea what to do. But they fed us so much food! Sister Pardo
kept telling me every time my bowl was empty "Sister! Eat more!" When
we left, by skirt was way too tight and I wasn't even sure what I had
been eating. But it was really good.

I can't believe that it is transfers again! These past 6 weeks have
just flown by. But we were shocked to find out that Sister Matthews is
leaving to Thetford! I will be here with Sister Smith. I don't seem to
get to stay with my companions for very long. I'm just starting my
sixth transfer with my fifth companion. I will miss Sister Matthews so
much! She is so amazing and such a great example to me. From being
goofy and wrestling each other and having many ups and downs we have
had a great transfer. The elders in the ward are both leaving, so we
will have 2 new elders here. One is elder Isaksen who I served with in
my first area in Ashford! I am nervous about taking over the area
after just 6 weeks, again, especially because we will have 3 new
missionaries here. But I know that it will work out!
I love you all, thank you so much for your love and support!

Sister McFarland

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