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I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints. These are my adventures while serving in the England London mission.

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Caught in the rain: The Story of my Life

Hello everyone!
Usually my emails are a little more thought out than this one will be,
so sorry in advance if it's a bit scattered!
Things are going well for us in Sittingbourne. It's much warmer now
although we occasionally still need to wear tights. I'm learning how
to deal with the humidity, which is a new experience for me, coming
from desert Utah!

Last week I wrote about our friend Ryan, but unfortunately he gave us
a fake address! We tracked the whole street with no avail. We finally
discovered that number 49 simply did not exist. Hopefully we will see
him again!

Last Thursday we went out finding, but there were dark clouds that
threatened to drench us with rain. But acting in faith we decided to
go finding anyways! The first person we stopped was a man named Craig.
I honestly can't remember too much of what was said, but he was
interested in hearing our message! When we were talking to him it
started to rain slightly, and as we said a prayer with him, it started
to pour! I loved how Heavenly Father gave us just enough time to find
the one person we needed to find that day. Of course we still got
absolutely soaked because we got caught in the rain with no coat or
umbrella. When we asked a woman where we could buy an umbrella, she
warned me that that was not a good idea because it was too dangerous
to be using an umbrella when there is lightning, and it was dangerous
enough that I was daring to wear a necklace, and that I was certainly
going to be struck with lightning. Fortunately a member saved us from
that possible tragedy by giving us a lift to our dinner appointment!

On Saturday we got to help our dear friends, Suzanne and George with a
service project. George is a less active member and his partner
Suzanne is investigating, but currently her health prevents her from
coming to church. I love them so much! We had so much fun painting
their room! There is truly so much joy in service.

I love you all and I hope you have a great week!
The church is true, the book is blue, and we go out two by two!
Sister McFarland

Monday, June 20, 2016

Hay-Fever Fun

Hello everyone! Can you believe another week has already flown by?

Last Wednesday we traveled to London again to switch companions.
Sister Cardoso went to London to be in a Portuguese speaking area, and
I will be staying here with Sister Kerr! Sister Kerr is a visitor
centre sister, and the poor girl has been in London for nearly a year.
It has been really nice for her to get out of London to a quiet
peaceful place like Sittingbourne where we have open space and elbow

It's finally warming up here, and summer is on its way! But
unfortunately with that comes terrible hay fever! Nearly everyday this
week, at exactly 5:00 in the evening I start sneezing uncontrollably,
and my nose turns into a snot factory. When we were visiting a less
active sister in our ward this week, she noticed how bad my allergies
were. So she gave me an entire roll of toilet papers to take with me
in my bag. Haha😂 it has proved to be really useful! I've been taking
Claritin faithfully and it seems to be improving a lot.

We had a cool miracle this week. We stopped a man named Ryan as he was
walking to work.He told us that he was an atheist and not at all
interested in hearing our message. Being the stubborn sisters we are,
we kept trying to talk to him and ask him questions. After our
stubborn persistence he finally talked with us, and after a while he
opened up to us and said how he actually did have a lot of questions
that he was looking for answers to. He mentioned that he hopes that
there is a God out there, but has never been able to find out. He is
so prepared! We will be seeing him later today.

This week we had stake conference. It was amazing because my first
area Ashford is in the same stake as Gillingham, so I got to see so
many friends from Ashford again. That ward feels like my home ward and
my family!  I sure love all the people I get to meet here.

I love you all! I hope you have a fantastic week!
Lots of love,
Sister McFarland

Pictures: We have a beach in our area in Sheerness. See that land in
the background? (In the first picture) That's my old area: Southend on
sea! I got to wave and shout hello to all my friends over there.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

400 Strong

Hello everyone!

This week we had the amazing privilege of having a mission wide
conference, combined with the London south mission, to hear from Elder
Dallin H. Oaks from the quorum of the twelve apostles. We all met in
Hyde park chapel early Tuesday morning, which was packed full of
400 missionaries. I had fasted the Sunday before that I would have a
very spiritual experience, and it truly was amazing. We each had the
opportunity to shake Elder Oaks hand before the meeting began. I was
actually really nervous for this, but when I met him I was surprised
by how normal and funny he is! He greeted every missionary, and I
could feel his love for each of us. When I shook his hand, he said
"Good morning Sister McFarland," and as I quietly said back "Good
morning!" I felt all those nervous feelings I had before melt away. It
wasn't the floor shaking, angels descending, manifestation I was
expecting, but I knew by the peace I felt in my heart that he truly is
a living apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.

After having such a peaceful reflection, I nearly jumped out of my
skin when we started singing the opening hymn "Let Zion in Her Beauty
Rise" because it was so loud, and so strong as 400 missionaries so
enthusiastically sang. And that was nothing compared to when we sang
the closing hymn "Called to Serve." I couldn't even sing because I was
so overcome with the spirit that I started crying!  Like someone once
said "We get nearer to the Lord through music than perhaps any other
thing except prayer." Man, I've never heard anyone sing as
enthusiastically and loudly as we did that day.

The meeting itself was so spiritual. Elder Kearon and his wife spoke
to us, and then Elder Oaks and his wife spoke to us.  I wish I could
type out everything that they said and everything that I felt but that
would probably take forever. Elder Oaks talked a lot about repentance,
and how our responsibility as missionaries is to declare repentance to
everyone, even if it doesn't lead to a baptism. We teach repentance
and baptise converts!

This transfer was only a 5 week transfer. So it feels like it just
went by too fast! But last night we had move calls, and Sister Cardoso
will be leaving me to follow up train in a Portuguese speaking ward in
London. I will miss her tons, but she will do amazing things there! I
will be getting Sister Kerr, who is from the Visitor's Centre in Hyde

I'm excited for this next transfer and for all the adventures that lay ahead!
Love you all! Have a great week!

Sister McFarland

Monday, June 6, 2016

Pranks from the elders

Today for P-day we went to Dover to see the white cliffs! It is a
beautiful sunny day, so we were so excited to spend time outside.
We met with the elders from Gravesend so we could travel together.
While we were on the train, we noticed that a man was staring at us.
Elder Thueson, who is a new missionary, went over to talk to him. I
was so impressed with his boldness! Elder Thueson invited this man,
whose name is Jason, to come and sit with us! We started talking to
him about what we do as missionaries.  He was very curious and asked
so many questions. We began teaching the message of the restoration,
and the spirit was so strong , and Jason accepted an invitation to to
baptised! I couldn't believe it, it was such a miracle. Then he asked
us: "I was baptised as a baby, does that mean anything?" Before I
could answer, Elder Bald turned and said in all seriousness:" Yes, it
is of the devil." And then proceeded to teach all other manner of
false doctrine. Then he and his companion burst out laughing! I was
absolutely mortified and tried to cover them, when they suddenly
revealed that this was all a joke! Jason was actually a recent convert
from the elde'rs area. I couldn't believe it! I was so embarrassed.
But it was a great teaching experience all the same.

We had a really great day at the Cliffs of Dover today. It was
absolutely beautiful sunny weather and I got fried like bacon.
I am so excited that tomorrow Dallin H. Oaks will visit our mission!
Have a great week!
Sister McFarland