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Monday, June 20, 2016

Hay-Fever Fun

Hello everyone! Can you believe another week has already flown by?

Last Wednesday we traveled to London again to switch companions.
Sister Cardoso went to London to be in a Portuguese speaking area, and
I will be staying here with Sister Kerr! Sister Kerr is a visitor
centre sister, and the poor girl has been in London for nearly a year.
It has been really nice for her to get out of London to a quiet
peaceful place like Sittingbourne where we have open space and elbow

It's finally warming up here, and summer is on its way! But
unfortunately with that comes terrible hay fever! Nearly everyday this
week, at exactly 5:00 in the evening I start sneezing uncontrollably,
and my nose turns into a snot factory. When we were visiting a less
active sister in our ward this week, she noticed how bad my allergies
were. So she gave me an entire roll of toilet papers to take with me
in my bag. Haha😂 it has proved to be really useful! I've been taking
Claritin faithfully and it seems to be improving a lot.

We had a cool miracle this week. We stopped a man named Ryan as he was
walking to work.He told us that he was an atheist and not at all
interested in hearing our message. Being the stubborn sisters we are,
we kept trying to talk to him and ask him questions. After our
stubborn persistence he finally talked with us, and after a while he
opened up to us and said how he actually did have a lot of questions
that he was looking for answers to. He mentioned that he hopes that
there is a God out there, but has never been able to find out. He is
so prepared! We will be seeing him later today.

This week we had stake conference. It was amazing because my first
area Ashford is in the same stake as Gillingham, so I got to see so
many friends from Ashford again. That ward feels like my home ward and
my family!  I sure love all the people I get to meet here.

I love you all! I hope you have a fantastic week!
Lots of love,
Sister McFarland

Pictures: We have a beach in our area in Sheerness. See that land in
the background? (In the first picture) That's my old area: Southend on
sea! I got to wave and shout hello to all my friends over there.

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