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Monday, February 22, 2016

Childhood Dreams Fulfilled!

Sadly, transfer calls came, and Sister Matthews is leaving! I will be
staying here, but we have 3 new missionaries, as the elders in our
area are getting whitewashed. ( which means both missionaries
transferred and 2 new ones came in). It's going to be a bit crazy as
we all try to figure out the area together! I don't seem to get to
stay with my companions for very long, as I am starting my 6th
transfer with my 5th companion.  Maybe I'm too crazy?

Earlier in the week before Sister Matthews left we had a crazy
experience. We were heading home on the bus when we suddenly realized
we were at our stop. We quickly jumped up and got off, but as soon as
the bus started rolling away, we realized that Sister Matthews had
left her iPad on the bus! We knew that the  final destination
was the train station about half a mile away, so we took off to chase
this thing down. ( Luckily Sister Matthews knee has been feeling much
better). We chased the bus for ages, and finally caught up with it at
the station. I ran and jumped onto the bus while gasping:"Excuse me
sir! My friend left her iPad!" To which the bus driver held up the
iPad without saying a word. He did compliment us on our running
though. I came off that bus holding the iPad like a trophy in the air.
We were exhausted but it was so worth it!

Ladies and gentlemen, this week my childhood dreams were finally
fulfilled. We were sadly heading to kings cross, St. Pancras train
station for transfers. We were really sad and just trying not to think
about it. When we got to the meeting spot early, we decided to have
one last hoorah together and go and see platform 9 3/4! Yep, I'm
definitely a nerd but I could not have been more excited.

My new companion is Sister Smith from Sussex England! She actually has
been called to serve in Arizona, but is serving here while she waits
for her visa. We have no idea how long this will be. She has already served
3 months of her mission here in England. So maybe now I will finally
be able to pick up on the accent! I tell her all about America and she
tells me all about England.

We had an amazing miracle this week with a new investigator named Su.
She is from China and is Christian. She has gone to a lot of different
christian churches and feels like they all have something missing. She
is so lovely, and accepted a date for March 20! We are so excited for
her. Then she ran upstairs to see if her 15 year old daughter and 6
year old son would like to come to church with her Sunday. They both
said they would like to, and all three of them came to church and
enjoyed it. :)

One of our investigators Gerry has been doing really well, but is
still struggling with some things. He feels like he needs until April
10 to be baptized. It is such a long time away, especially because we
have been teaching him since January. The zone leaders and even the
assistants to the president called to ask why his date was so far
back. I felt terrible about it, and thought I might have made a
mistake to put him so far back. After I stayed up all night worrying
about it, we decided to discuss it again with Gerry. We talked about
taking a 'leap of faith' and testified that he was ready and could be
baptized by March.  But then it suddenly dawned on me that I could not
expect him to take a leap of faith without taking one myself. I felt
very strongly that what he needed was time, and so we decided to give
him that. I felt so much better after just handing the situation over
to the Lord and letting Him take control. I do however, still have
full confidence that he can be ready by March. We will see!
I love you all and hope you have a magical week!


Sister McFarland

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