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Monday, September 28, 2015


And it came to pass that the sister missionaries in Ashford where
blessed with sunny weather all the days of the week ace one, and great
was the joy of those missionaries.

And it came to pass that Wednesday we had interviews with President
Stevens, and it was fantastic. We did have joy in listening to
President and Sister Stevens give great trainings and getting to know
them better. They are so nice and loving! Sister Stevens was telling
us stories about speaking in general conference. She was saying :"Oh
elders and sisters I just love you!" When the Siri on her phone said
"I did not understand what you said" and the whole zone just started
laughing. After the interviews, we were waiting for the elders (our
ride home) while they talked with president because they are the zone
leaders. Sister Hernes and I were in the bathroom and started singing
the circle of life quite loudly,  unaware that they were right next
door and could hear us singing the whole time. Haha!

And Thursday was Sister Hernes birthday! She really wanted to find a
golden investigator for her birthday. We didn't find them, but we
talked to many interesting people. One of them said that in 60 years
when he was dead he would send us a text to tell us if we were right
or wrong about life after death... So we will see how that works out.
Monday when we were doing our shopping, I was really sneaky and
bought Sister Hernes a scarf for her birthday without her noticing.
(Fist pump) she liked it! We also made pancakes for dinner.
So we have decided to start an English class here! The first class
will be Wednesday. We made flyers for the class and went to town
centre and gave them to every Napolise person we saw. There are so
many people her from Nepal! We have started calling them Namastes,
which means hello in napolise.  So we will see how the class goes!
That night we had a dinner appointment with a family in the ward where
we ate pancakes. 

Saturday morning we had a pancake breakfast with the bishop and his
family. So yeah, we had a lot of pancakes this week. :) After a very
filling breakfast we went and played football (soccer) with some of
the men from the ward. Sister Hernes and I were the only girls there.
I am terrible at football so it was a bit embarrassing.  But I tried!
I basically ran up and down left field and went for the ball if it
came my way. Haha

Well my friends, it has been a great week! I love you all!

Love Sister McFarland

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