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Monday, October 5, 2015

Conference, Cliffs, and English Class

Conference was really good. We watched the first session at a member's home live, (5:00 England time)  and it was cool to think that you guys were home watching the exact same thing, singing the same songs, at the same time! The other sessions we watched at members homes later. We watched the Saturday afternoon session at 1:00 Sunday and the Sunday morning session at 5:00. They show them at the stake centre but we watched all of them at member's homes. I still haven't seen or read the Sunday afternoon session. I think I will study it for personal study tomorrow.

So today I am emailing late because for P day we went to the White Cliffs of Dover! It was so cool! It was really beautiful. It was a bit rainy but not too bad. I got a bit nervous standing on the edge of the cliff as I'm sure you can imagine. 

So the English class went really great! We didn't think anyone would come, but a Chinese couple did. They are so so nice! The class went well and afterwards we taught them about prayer. They want to come to church next week! They own a fish and chip shop nearby and give us 50% off. We have heard of more people who will be coming next week, so it is building!


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