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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Miracle Badge

Hello lovely family! Hope you have had a great week! This week was really good for us. It is definitely getting colder now! 

Transfers are this week, and sister Hernes and I will both be staying in Ashford! Yay! I really love this ward. 
My missionary badge is really quite a miracle badge. A couple of weeks ago I had lost it somewhere in Ashford. The next day while biking I looked down to see my badge in the gutter, black and shiny and beautiful. It was a miracle! Then this past week I lost it again... typical me. It fell off while biking. I didn't think I would have that miracle again but I did! A brother in the ward had found it while walking and kept it for me. He also put it on Facebook so the whole ward knew about it. :) haha So every member we saw said, "Sister McFarland, we saw you lost your badge!" Luckily I have two.
Today for P-day we went to the Canterbury Cathedral. Its the oldest cathedral in England. It was really beautiful! And it looked a lot like Hogwarts. I may or may not have pretended that I was in Hogwarts for a while. :) 
We had a really cool miracle with a lovely woman named Joan. She used to be taught by sisters a while ago. We were just stopping by when she pulled up in her car. She invited us in and we had a good lesson with her, and we are now meeting with her regularly. She says she now feels like she is ready for the gospel. :) We are so happy! 
So in our mission we do GAPS-greatness after preparation (also because in the underground in London- "mind the gap") which are principles in the Preach my Gospel lessons, such as God is our loving Heavenly Father, the Book of Mormon, etc. There are assigned gaps for each week and we role play 4 gaps to each other every day. They each have a scripture, and have to be 2 min long. It is really good practice teaching. 

 Anyways, I love you all! I hope you have a marvelous week filled with sunshine and happiness! 

Sister McFarland


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