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Monday, October 26, 2015

How to Park a Car

Hello! Another week has flown by! We had a miracle this week where all
clocks magically changed, and we got an extra hour of sleep. That was
a great day. The other side of that though is that it now gets dark
way early, which is weird. And cold. So cold. But I just pretend to be
Elsa and sing : " The cold never bothered me anyways."

The English class is going well! We have another student, a girl from
Nepal who can't say my name. So she calls me Sister Mac instead.

This week we had exchanges and I stayed here in ashford with sister
Grant from Finland while Sister Hernes went to London for the day.
While we were tracting, we were talking to this guy at his door. He
said he wasn't really interested and was telling us about his wife,
who was sick and has a physical disability. We asked if she would be
interested in our message. When he went to go ask her, we heard this
from the next room: " Honey, there are two girls here who are going to
heal you! " Ah! That's not what we said at all! So we had to explain
to her that we were not going to heal her, but just wanted to share a
message. It was quite sad cause she was really excited. But we will
see her next week to share our message.

Saturday we had a ward activity where we had a quiz night. I guess
those are popular here, and everyone in the ward talks so much about
them. They are basically where you are in teams and answer different
trivia questions about random things. It was really fun and we had a
good time getting to know the ward better!

We went to the white cliffs of Dover again today! We went with a
recent convert and a family from Sister Hernes last area. It was a
beautiful day!  Being next to the cliffs was scary, because heights
and I don't really agree with one another. But it was really pretty.

Well, I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Love, sister Mac

P.s. Here is how to park a car in England... ;) it's okay, we still
could get our bikes out.

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