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Monday, September 21, 2015

So Much Rain, Again!

This week was really good! But it was quite rainy. I have a daily
struggle between being pretty or practical. Lately practical has won
because it's been so wet.  Sometimes at lunch we come home and change
clothes before going out again. I am really grateful for these
experiences that make life more exciting and creates fun memories.
This week we were visiting a sister in the ward when I felt my foot
suddenly get warm... I looked down and her cat had peed on me! It was
gross. We had a good laugh about it. she felt so bad and apologized so
much. But I no longer trust that cat. Whenever it comes near me I just
"gently" push it away.
When I got my mission call to England, I thought I wouldn't have to
deal with large spiders. But I have seen bigger and more spiders here
than in Utah. But the other day during call-ins with our district
leader sister Hernes suddenly lets out this huge scream! There was a
giant spider in our flat. I felt like Samwise Gamgee facing the giant
spider in Lord of the Rings. Sister Hernes bravely took care of it
while I assured our district leader that we weren't dying, it was just
a spider.:)
I feel like I am actually getting to know Ashford really well! I've
had to use my "mind palace" (Lindsey will get this) to remember where
everything is. But God has helped me remember so much! And I have even
found some new shortcuts to places. I am a lot better now at reading a
map because I can no longer rely on Siri.
On Saturday we had a ward service project in Lyd where we cleaned up
the beach. It was such a nice day! It was really warm and it was so
lovely to walk along the beach to picking up rubbish. :) We collected
a lot of sea shells. Afterwards we had a ward BBQ.

Sister Hernes and I are really trying to get to know the young women
here better. We taught the lesson in miamaids yesterday. It went
really well! The young women's group here is small but they are all such great girls.

Sister McFarland

Here are some cheesy sister missionary photos. :) The jumping picture
was hard because every-time I jumped my shoes would fly off.

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