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Monday, September 14, 2015

Two months...what?

I cant believe it has already been two months! 

This week was pretty good. We have had pretty nice weather, but every once in a while it just rains so hard. Like this morning it just poured while we were biking to the church. We got soaked! I don't think I have ever seen so much rain in my life. I think that when the earth flooded for Noah's ark, that must have been what the rain looked like, but we made the most of it by singing and dancing in the rain.

We have a lot of character building experiences on the bikes. :) Last Monday we were biking to town centre and I looked down to see a HUGE spider bungee jumping off of my handlebars, hanging right above my lap! As most of you know how well spiders and I get along, you can imagine my reaction. Let's just say it's a miracle that I didn't crash my bike. I just really quickly grabbed the web and threw the spider into the traffic. 

This week we had exchanges with the sisters in London North. I stayed here in Ashford and Sister Hernes went to London for the day. I was here with Sister Epicoco from Italy. She is really great! When we got back to the flat we realized we had two problems: 1. I didn't know how to adjust the bike seat, because sister Epicoco is shorter than I am. So I tryed to ride sister Hernes bike so sister Epicoco could ride mine. But then I realized how short I am and couldn't reach the pedals. 2. Then we realized our second problem which was that sister Epicoco had not ridden a bike since she was very small. So we just worked closer to the flat that day because we were walking. 

We had a district meeting in Deal the other day, and on the way back we got stuck in terrible traffic, thanks to Operation Stack. So we were driving around Dover for an hour or so just trying to find a way out but the traffic was so bad! On the bright side we got a nice view of the city. 

Thank you all for your love and support! I love you all! Have a great week! Stay classy. 

-Sister McFarland 

So the pictures:
The first one is of sister Hernes and I after being caught in the rain storm. The second one is of Sister Epicoco and I during exchange, and the last one is of our district after district meeting. 

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