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Monday, August 1, 2016

Deja vu

About a year ago, I remember sitting in the mission home for the first
time: my heart pounding and armpits sweating as I worried about the
start of my mission, who my first companion would be, and where I
would be going. I don't think I have felt that nervous in my whole
life! Luckily my my worrying was pointless, because I loved the
beginning of my mission. I hadn't felt that nervous since until last
Wednesday when I sat in another room of the mission home with my heart
pounding and armpits sweating as I waited to find out who my first
greenie would be! Although I felt a lot of excitement as well.
As I waited on the other side of the door, I reflected a lot on how I
felt on my first day and how my new companion must have been have been
feeling on the other side. I also thought about what my trainer, Sister
Top, must have been feeling when she was waiting to meet me.
After we walked into the room, singing  "Called to Serve" in the loud,
boisterous "England London mission style" way, the time came to meet
our new companions!

As President Stevens called out the names of the new missionaries and
who their trainers would be, my jaw literally dropped when I heard :
"Sister Topp will be trained by Sister McFarland!" I mean, what are the
odds that my trainer and my trainee are both named Sister Top?
(granted with different spellings.) I couldn't believe it. I'm still
trying to wrap my head around it!

Sister Topp is great. She is from Coventry England. She has actually
been called to serve in the Hawaii Honolulu mission, but is serving
here while she waits for a visa. I am so excited for this next
transfer and the adventures we will have together!

A few weeks ago we had a ward activity where we watched "Meet the
Mormons." We had a new friend, Janet come and she just loved it! After
the movie she told us that since she has moved out here, she has been
looking for a new church to go to. She said she felt so good in the
chapel that she would talk to her boss about getting every Sunday off
because she wants to come every Sunday! We saw her this week and
invited her to be baptised. Her response? "I'd love to! I really need
to get baptised. Is the 27 the only service you are holding?" She is
so sweet and so prepared.

This truly is the Lord's work, and we are so lucky to be a part of it!
Shall we not go on in so great a cause?
Sister McFarland

1) all the new missionaries and trainers
2) Sister Topp and I head home!
3) I just love horses.

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