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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Heat Wave Panic and Transfers

Hello everyone! I hope you have had a fantastic week enjoying the nice
summer weather.

Summer suddenly exploded here- almost literally. I never understood
why English people don't like the heat until this week.

Tuesday was probably the hottest and sweatiest day of my life. It was
only 30 degrees Celsius (80 Fahrenheit) but the 62% humidity was not
cool. I have never felt so much humidity before! It makes everything
so sticky.

Because hot weather is so unusual here, no one has air conditioning.
Even in homes people sweat, sticking to their couches while fans
circulate the sticky air. i don't think I had ever been so sweaty and
gross. I just want to send a massive shout out to all you missionaries
out there serving in hot climates. You are champs. I am taking a lot
of comfort in knowing that the summer will probably be over in a few

People here are so not used to heat that they literally panic. In
short- I've never seen so many half naked people. It seems that the
culture here when it is hot is to rip off your clothes until the bare
minimum and head off to the beach. it has been a long time since any
of us here felt so much vitamin D enter into our bodies, so everyone
takes advantage of it while they can.

Sorry that most of my emails are about the weather. I'm not
complaining, but I just can't help but observing the unusual changes,
as the weather is never consistent here!

We had the opportunity to have interviews with President Stevens this
week. I always love interviews because I come away feeling so uplifted
and full of energy! When I'm with the Stevens I just feel like I never
want to leave.

Transfers have come, and it seems that sister Kerr will be leaving me!
It's so sad she only got to spend six weeks in the blessed land of
Sittingbourne. She will be going to Watford to be a sister training
leader! ( my third companion to become a sister training leader.) I
will be staying here and training a new missionary! I am excited for
this next adventure. I can't wait to meet my first daughter tomorrow!

As I've been writing this, I've been keeping an eye of this massive
spider the size of Texas that has been sneaking around the library
floor. I've actually just lost sight of it- so I'm hoping that it
won't jump out and scare me. Hopefully I'll survive.

I just want to say that I love being a missionary, and I love this
work. The church is true!
Love you all!
- Sister McFarland

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