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Monday, July 18, 2016

Zoom Zoom

Hello all! I hope you are all enjoying the nice summer weather!
It has been very hot this past week, which has been nice for a change!
Although now I'm learning How to deal with the sticky humidity.

The past month the Elders in Gravesend have had our bikes. Theirs got
stolen, so we let them borrow ours (on strict conditions) until they
could get new ones. Well, we finally got them back this week and have
been enjoying the freedom of being able to zoom around town with ease.

 One of the highlights of our week was being able to bike on the
island. Now, the island is not My favourite place in the world. In
fact I try to avoid it as much as possible because it is a bit dodgy
and just all around a weird place. Yet with the bikes, we were able to
ride along a pathway on the beach to a different town on the island
that we hadn't worked with before. And the bike ride was so much fun
and so beautiful! (See pictures below)

Not too much has been happening in our area recently. It seems like
most people we meet are atheists! Because things were going slow, and
we were tired of going three weeks with having no one on date- we
decided to set a goal to invite one person to be baptised everyday. We
were so diligent with our goal, and refused to let the day end unless
we had invited someone to be baptised! One evening we had just left a
members house at 8:30 and we only had half an hour to invite some
one to be baptised. I remembered that we had a potential investigator
named Lewis who lived not too far away. So with our faithful bikes we
were able to zoom over to his house, and knocked on his door at 8:50.
He was home, and we were able to have a quick 10 minute lesson with
him where we invited him, and he accepted, to prepare to be baptised
next month!  Feeling like champions, we biked home off into the
sunset, praising God all the way home. God really does bless us when
we are faithful in our goals,and when we doll that we can, he fills in
the rest.

This week marks an historic event. On July 22, 1837, the first
missionaries arrived in Preston England. They had remarkable success,
and started a legacy for missionary work on this island. On July 22
2015, Sister Kerr and I left the MTC and entered the mission field,
and stared on this marvellous work.
Shall we not go on in so great a cause?

Love you all and I hope you have a fantastic week!
Chose the right!
Sister McFarland

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