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Monday, October 3, 2016

An Unexpected Journey

Hello everyone!
Well, as promised, I have had the most CRAZY week of my mission, and
will hopefully have a more interesting email this week.

It started last Monday, as sister Maughan and I were joining a family
for a lovely family home evening. Then, the assistant to the president
called us with some interesting news: he told us that because Sister
Maughan will be leaving to go to America on the 11, we will be in a
trio until she leaves! When we asked him when we would be getting our
new sister, he told us that our new companion will be coming from the
MTC (missionary training centre) tomorrow and that we needed to drop
all of our plans to get there to meet her at 10 the next day.

So, after arranging and re arranging the flat to fit 3 people, and
cancelling all our plans, we headed off to London bright an early the
next morning to meet our new companion: Sister Cabral. She is from
Madeira Island, Portugal. She came late because she stayed longer in
the MTC to learn English. She is lovely and I am excited to work with

We had to travel to London again  on Thursday for the new missionary
meeting. Usually this meeting happens after three weeks, but because
Sister Cabral came in the third week of the transfer, it was more like
a 3 day meeting for us.  It's nearly a 3 1/2 hour journey to London
from Dereham, so we have spent a lot of time traveling this week.
Because we had to be in London so early on Thursday, we spent the
night in the Norwich sisters, Sister Smiddy and Sister Benson's flat.
It was so fun to be back in Norwich, even if it was just for a day!

Being in a trio is fun, and really different to anything I am used to.
It is also interesting to be training two new missionaries at the same
time. Sister Maughan is on the last few weeks of her training
anyway,but our companionship has been running purely on greenie faith
and the Spirit.

I loved watching General Conference, and I hope you all had the chance
to watch it too! It is so amazing that we have living prophets and
apostles on the earth today who lead and guide this church. I really
felt the spirit strongly durning the conference, and I know these men
are called of God. If you didn't get to watch it, find time to watch
it this week. If you did watch it, make sure you review the talks and
your notes and set a plan of action of what you will change from now

I love this work, and I love the gospel with all my heart.
Shall we not go on in so great a cause?
Have a great week!
Sister Adriana McFarland

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