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Monday, May 30, 2016

Referrals Galore

Hey all!

We had many miracles this week! Sister Cardoso and I had some time
before we needed to go to a dinner appointment. We both felt strongly
that we needed to go back to an area that we were in earlier and knock
on some doors. We went, but no one was interested. We then started
walking towards our appointment when we came across a young mother
walking with her son. Sister Cardoso and I felt strongly that we needed to
stop her so we did. We had a great conversation with Gisele and she was
really interested! I had noticed throughout the conversation she had a slight
accent, so I asked her where she was from, and she is from Brazil! The next
several minutes were of solid Portuguese. With all of my companions, we
always find at least one person from their home country, or someone who
speaks their same language. Always! The Lord truly leads prepared
people to us. :) I never seem to find Americans here though.

On Sunday, I was really stressed because I needed to play the piano,
give a talk, teach gospel principles and take care of our three new
friends at church. We work really hard in this ward! But again, we had
a tender mercy when a visitor from another ward was with us. He
plays the piano very well, and he was willing to play for the meeting!
It made giving my talk easier because I wasn't so stressed, and all of
our friends had a lovely time at church.

We have been teaching our friend Finbar, and he is so prepared.  He is
currently preparing for baptism in June! It was so amazing that we
found him, because every time we meet with him, he introduces us to a
new friend, and then that friend introduces us to another friend, and
so on. I have never had so many referrals in my life! And they seem to
just be coming out of nowhere. We don't even ask for them, they just
bring them to our lesson. Finbar has introduced us to a whole new
teaching pool through his good example to his friends. This week was truly
full of miracles!

I love this work,and I love this gospel. The church is true, the book
is blue, and we go out two by two. 🇬🇧

Love, Sister McFarland

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