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Monday, April 4, 2016

A New Area, A New LIfe

Hi everyone!

Last week I left Southend with a heavy heart. Sister Smith and I
packed our stuff all up, and wrote 3 lengthy pages of notes about
the area for the new sisters. We left the flat and headed off to
London for transfers. It was quite interesting trying to carry two
suitcases each through busy London, and through the underground
during rush hour. But I found out that if you look blonde and helpless
then someone will almost always help you carry your suitcases up the
After a three hour drive, I felt like I had come to a different world
of Norwich Norfolk! Norwich is so beautiful! It is a very old city.
There are lots of old buildings, cobblestone roads, and pieces of old
walls and castles from probably hundreds of years ago that no one has
bothered to take down. I love English towns! There is a big university
here full of Chinese students, who make up our whole teaching pool.
These kids have been taught their whole lives that there is no God,
and that they only can believe in science. Now they have a chance to
hear the gospel and they are so prepared. We teach so many Chinese
people that I have started to learn mandarin! Just some very basic
phrases like "How are you?" "The weather is good," " Book of Mormon,"
etc. It's quite interesting!
My new companion is sister Chou from Taiwan. I am still going strong
with having no companions from America! She has 2 transfers left on
her mission. In fact her 16 month mark is today!
Often in our lessons and finding situations, the investigator doesn't
understand a word or phrase, so then Sister Chou will explain it in
more detail in mandarin, and then they both go off in Chinese for a
while I stand there in confusion like a potato. After a while,
the conversation comes back to English and then I can pick up what
part of the lesson we are in.
General Conference was so amazing! I loved all the talks so much and I
felt the spirit so strongly. Sister Chou and I had to go on splits
because they had one room playing in English and one playing in
Chinese. I haven't gotten to listen to the Sunday afternoon session
yet because of the time difference, but I am excited to watch it! I
know that God speaks to his prophets, and that we will be blessed as
we follow their inspired council.

I love you all so much! Have a great week!
Sister McFarland

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