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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The Unthinkable

Happy Easter! I hope that everyone has had a wonderful Easter.
This week has been one of the craziest of my mission. We have been so busy, and also spent a surprising amount of time traveling, getting things sorted for Sister Smith to go to America. but despite the business and traveling a lot, we finished the transfer strong, and saw many miracles. 

Before Sister Smith leaves to America, she wanted to have as many English foods as possible. For dinner the other night we made one of her favourite English foods, Eggs and Soldiers. Which is half boiled eggs with toast cut into narrow strips to dip into the egg yolk. but when we peeled the eggs, we discovered that they were under cooked. So I just thought we could pop them into the microwave to finish them off. Bad idea! One of them exploded in the microwave, and the whole flat smelled of egg. the second egg exploded in my hand when I picked it up and poked it...covering us both with eggs. At least I didn't start another fire... haha! But lesson learned. 

We had an AMAZING week! We found so many prepared people and saw so many miracles. We have started working with two wonderful families, which is so exciting. We just found so many people who are so prepared to hear the gospel. We worked so hard for Sister Smith's last week in the England London mission. After a great day yesterday, we had a dinner appointment in a member's home. When we got there, I asked if I could use their toilet, where I took some moments to kneel down in their bathroom and say a prayer of gratitude for the miracles which we have seen. I was so excited for this next transfer because we had so much planned and so many people to work with.

But then the unthinkable happened... We got the news that not only will Sister Smith be leaving, but I am being transferred to Norwich! We are getting whitewashed. Something that usually happens when an area is struggling and needs some revival, which ours definitely hasn't. Quite the opposite, we have seen great success the past six weeks. Even worse, the new sisters will get here in 2 weeks time, so for two weeks the elders here will be taking over our area. I was absolutely heartbroken! I thought for sure I would be staying. After the call I just sat on the floor and cried. I am going to miss this place so much! It will be so hard to leave all these wonderful people, especially when things have been going so well. Gerry is going to be baptised next week, and I am devastated that I will miss that. I will just have to trust in God and take a leap of faith that everything here will be okay, even if I am not here to see it happen. 

So today has been really crazy, trying to pack and say goodbye to everyone. I'm still in denial about leaving... I don't want to go! I am going to miss this area terribly, and it will be so hard to not be able to see the people we have found progress. I am sure I will have lots of adventures in Norwich with Sister Cho. 

Have a wonderful week! 

Sister McFarland 

Pictures: Buckingham Palace, Royal Albert Hall, giant chocolate Easter egg, Sister Smith and Sister McFarland

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