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Monday, April 11, 2016

Living on a Prayer

"Ooh! We're halfway there... Oooh! Living on a prayer! "
Hey folks! This week was monumental for me as I passed my 9 month
mark! I am now halfway through my mission. It feels very weird. I
remember when my trainer, Sister Top, had her 9 month mark and I
thought that day would never come for me. It seemed so far away. But
it came far too quickly! Time really does fly!

But despite being such a big moment for me and a crazy period of
mid-mission crisis, the week was exceptionally ordinary. I am getting
more used to Norwich ward. There is a large YSA here which is new to
me. It's completely different for me to be involved in institute,
family home evenings, and other YSA activities as a missionary. That
combined with the large university here makes me feel like I am back
at university again!

This week we met an amazing new friend named Jackie. She is a student
here from China. While she was on holidays in France, she visited an
old church there and felt so peaceful and calm. Now, she is really
interested in learning about religion and wants to feel that spirit
again! She even asked us: "What do I need to do?" We are so excited
to get to teach her more this week. She is so prepared!

My Chinese is still going good. I have added to my vocabulary "Where
are you from?" And "I am from America." Yesterday we visited a recent
convert who speaks little English. Sister Chou taught the lesson in
mandarin while I played with her children. Her son is so cute! He will
talk to sister Chou in Chinese, and to me in English. And sometimes he
speaks in a mixture of both, leaving us both very confused. After the
lesson she fed us some delicious Chinese food, and I will be forever
grateful for my father who taught me how to use chopsticks so I 
didn't embarrass myself too much.

I loved general conference last week, and finally got to see the Sundayafternoon session. I loved what elder Holland said about coming
back from conference on a spiritual high, but then having to face
tomorrow. We are so blessed to have modern technology that allows us
to re watch and read conference anytime we like, so we can keep that
wonderful spirit with us all the time. I would like to challenge all
of you to remember what things you felt at conference by continuing to
study the words of our inspired leaders.

My new address is:
40 Anchor road, NR3 1NR, Norwich, Norfolk, England

I love you all! Have a great week!
Sister McFarland

Beautiful Norwich

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