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Tuesday, January 5, 2016


It is transfer time again! I will be leaving Ashford and going to Southend! I am sad to leave Ashford, but excited for a new area and a new adventure! My next companion will be Sister Matthews from South Africa. 

Sister Swann and I have almost officially been called as primary teachers, as we have been asked last minute for the past 3 weeks if we could help out in primary. The first week they needed a pianist, so i just did my best to sight read a lot of the songs, then last week we helped out in sharing time, and this week were were doing singing time! We are really getting to know these kids well.

Our ward here is doing something called a 40 day fast. It is a relay fast where for forty days someone in the ward is fasting for the missionary work. The ward has done it twice before and it brought so many miracles to this area! Today is our day of fasting. I am so excited to see the miracles that come from this!
So sometimes when people see we are "sisters" they think that we are nuns. Yesterday we stopped this guy who was super rude and was saying the meanest things. Then he saw our badges and said "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realize that you were sisters..." he even took back the pass along card that he threw back at us. Haha, we had a laugh about it afterwards. The funny thing was that at least three times that day people thought we were nuns. 
One thing I love about England is that there are a lot of really old, historic buildings next to brand new buildings. Yesterday we were in an area and tracted the most beautiful house that looked like Snow White's cottage. Turns out that that house was over 285 years old! It was crazy to think that it had been there since the 1800s. 
As far as missionary work, not much has happened.We basically have been finding for a whole week with not much success. We did have a really cool miracle with a woman named Becky! She used to meet with the sister missionaries about a year and a half ago. I remembered seeing her name and address in the area book, and thought we would just stop by and see how she was doing. She was way excited to see us and pretty much put herself on date to be baptized! She remembered what the sisters had taught her before, and before we had even got there decided to live by the church's standards. We are so excited for her! It really gave me hope to think that even when investigators drop us,( which happened to us a lot this week)  they will still remember the things they learned and the way learning the gospel made them feel. 

I love you all and hope you have a great week! 

Sister McFarland 

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