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Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas in England

Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a magical Christmas. Christmas here in England was so wonderful, and I loved being able to skype my family. It was so good to talk to you all! 

We had a really lovely Christmas zone conference in London on the 17th. We had some really spiritual messages and musical numbers. After that we played a lot of fun Christmas games and everyone wore Christmas jumpers. President and Sister Stevens got us all pillowcases with the England London mission logo printed on them. It was such a fun zone conference! 

Straight after the conference I got to go on exchange with the sister training leaders. So Sister Swann andSsister Rank came back to Ashford, and I went with sister Fenu to Isford. The exchange was super fun and I really learned a lot from working with Sister Fenu.

I love Christmas time so much, but it is a rough time for finding. Apparently no one wants to be stopped by two missionaries right before Christmas. And as most of our investigators were on holidays, it was brutal trying to do missionary work. We ended up seeing a lot of less active members and visiting members in the ward. 

On Christmas Eve we did a lot of service with some members. We baked a ton of cookies and gave them away to people who might need a bit of cheering up this Christmas; and let's be honest, we ate a lot of them too.  That evening we had a carol concert at the church, where the whole ward gathered to sing carols. I love how much music can bring the Christmas spirit. After the carol concert, the bishop called all the missionaries up to the front. And I just want to say how amazing the ward is here in Ashford, because the whole ward had pitched in and bought us a huge box full of food, sweets, and gifts to make sure our first Christmas away from home was special. I don't think any of our eyes were dry. I was so touched and humbled by the ward and what they did for us. I love the people here in Ashford! 

For Christmas day, we spent the morning with Sister King and watched Big Hero 6 and Frozen. We had such a fun time with her! That evening we were with another family, the Drews. It was so much fun and we just felt included in their family. We played the cardboard box game, which is when you have to bend down and pick up a box off of the floor with only your mouth, and only your feet are allowed to touch the floor. The boys and the girls tied. We all got a bit stretched out and were really sore! 

We were expecting to transfer this week, but had a surprise call that transfers have been moved to next week, so I get to spend a extra week in Ashford! 

I hope you all had a really great Christmas! I love you all. Have a great week! 

Sister McFarland 

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