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Monday, December 14, 2015

Five Months!

Sister Swann and I passed our five month mark this week! It is so
crazy to think that we have been out that long already. Sister Swann
and I being the same age in the mission, it was fun to have our five
month mark together.

We had a district goal to find one new investigator every day for the
next week. At first we thought this was a crazy goal because we have
been struggling to find people to teach. But we really saw miracles
and we found so many people.

We had a ward Christmas party this week, which was really fun. We
watched the first presidency Christmas devotional. During the
devotional we were sitting by our investigator Lisa and her two little
girls Paris and London, who did not want to sit and watch the
devotional. So Sister Swann and I went to the back of the room with
them and brought out notebooks and sticky notes to colour with. They
loved it and were having a lot of fun. Soon other kids started
noticing how much fun we were having and wanted to join in too, so
then we ended up drawing with a bunch of kids in the back of the room,
and it became really hard to keep them all entertained with sticky
notes and pens.

Other than that it has been a surprisingly chill week. I am getting so
excited for Christmas! Sister Swann and I have been 
practicing singing so
that we can go caroling when we go tracting. I 
freaking love Christmas!
Love you all! I hope you have an amazing week and a Merry Christmas!

Sister McFarland

Pictures: 1. Helping make Christmas decorations
2. Drawing with Paris and London

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