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Monday, December 7, 2015

Twins...Sister Swann x 2

I have a problem. I keep losing things. Like my badge. How I can lose
something that is always on me I have no idea. But the other day we
were in town and I was introducing myself and pointed to my badge as I
was saying my name, only do realize that I didn't have a badge! So I
have been borrowing Sister Swann's badge until I can get a new one.
Hopefully that will be really soon. So it has been confusing for
everyone we meet who sees that we are both Sister Swann, so once I
just said we were sisters.

We set up our Christmas tree last p-day. Our landlord was very kind
and got us a tree and some decorations. We are so excited for
Christmas! Town centre is all decorated with lights and a big tree. It
really brings the Christmas spirit. I love the church's Christmas
initiative "A Saviour is born." We have been sharing it with people we
meet. I would love to challenge you to invite someone to watch the
video, either by sharing it online or with a friend. This time of year
people are more open to learn about the true meaning of Christmas,
Jesus Christ. I love Christmas!

Tomas is doing well and is really excited for his baptism next week!
We are so excited for him. He is a great guy!

We had stake conference this week, so yesterday for church we were in
Gillingham at the stake centre. It was a really good meeting!

Sorry for the boring email, but not that much else has happened this
week. We just met a lot of weird people... But that is just part of
missionary life!

I love you all and hope you have a great week!

Sister McFarland

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