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Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Hello! It is another transfer, and Sister Hernes will be leaving to
Colchester while I am here in Ashford for another transfer! I will be
reunited with my old MTC companion, Sister Swann! So this day is going
to be a bit crazy as we get ready for transfers tomorrow.

Sister Hernes and I finished our transfer together with a bang! We had
a really great week and taught so many amazing people.
After a long time of struggling to find anyone to teach, we finally
have been teaching some really great people.

Last Friday we stopped a YSA age man in town and asked him what would
make him more happy than having a million pounds. He answered that he
would like to buy a huge mansion and fill it with homeless people.
What a great answer right? The conversation continued and he told us
it actually was quite crazy that we stopped him that day and started
talking about God. He said that after a long time where he had lost
his faith, things recently happened that made him start to believe in
God again! And here we came! We invited him to church and ended up
teaching him Lesson 1 the day after. I've rarely had more spiritual
first lessons with anyone as we had with him. And he came to church
and loved it the day after too and accepted a conditional baptismal
invitation to prepare for the 20th of December! He is just so
prepared! The Lord is blessing this area! 😃

In addition to that, we have been teaching Lisa, who is a young mum
who just moved here from Margate. She has been taught by the
missionaries there and loves church! When she found out when and where
the church is, she came with her children and had a great time.

I am going to miss Sister Hernes a lot. She has been great to serve
with. But I'm excited to get to be here another transfer in the
blessed land of Ashford!

Have a great week!
- Sister McFarland

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