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Monday, November 9, 2015

Guy Fox

I hope you all had a great week! Today is my four month mark! It's so
crazy! I can't believe it has been four months since I started my

This week was really good for us. The 5th of November is a holiday
here because once a guy named Guy Fox tried to burn down the House of
Parliament, but was caught and burned at the stake. So everyone has
big bonfires to celebrate. Seems a bit weird for me but it was fun. We
didn't go to any bonfires, as it was raining a lot and we had some
appointments. But there have been a lot of fireworks.  This Sunday was
Remembrance Sunday, where we remember all those who died in war.
Everyone buys paper poppies to wear in remembrance and on Sunday they
observe two minutes of silence at 11:00. Also on the 11th which is the day and
time World War One ended. So both the 11th and the Sunday before get

This week sister Hernes and I had a really crazy adventure! Sister
Hernes was making some phone calls while I was cooking dinner. I was
putting some fish into a frying pan with some oil. And apparently the
oil was too hot because when I put in the fish it started to spray hot
oil. When I grabbed the pan to pull it off of the stove, the whole
thing burst into flames! Like, really big scary flames. Sister Hernes
was on the phone with an investigator at the time, and he thought we
were dying cause we were both screaming. I dropped the pan on the
floor and ran to grab the fire blanket. By this time the fire alarm
was going off, but the fire had already gone out. So, we had our own
little bonfire.

So it turns out that when leaves get wet they are really slippery. I
came off my bike twice yesterday while coming home from a dinner
appointment, I was pretty lucky and didn't get hurt, I just have some
nice bruises. But, I lost my badge again when I fell... I had just
barely gotten a new one... Aw well. Is it too much to ask for a third
miracle badge? :)

On Saturday we had a mission wide fast. It was really amazing and we
saw a lot of miracles happen. We met so many amazing people!
This week I am ponderizing 2 nephi 2:22-25.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you!
Love, sister McFarland

(This picture is from our landlord after she came to check out the
                                                                        flat from the fire.. Haha :)

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