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Monday, August 17, 2015

Selfies with Ben

This week went by really fast! I'm just livin' the dream everyday. The
definite highlight of my week was zone conference last Wednesday at
the mission home in Hyde park. We got up early and rode with the
elders. The training was really great and we learned a lot! Then on
the way home the elders took a "wrong turn". Going down the road
Sister Top said "Oh I know where we are..." And the elders shushed
her, so I knew something was up. Then we turned the corner and we were
in front of Buckingham palace! We also drove past Big Ben and the
London eye. The traffic was bad so we had a long time to look at each
of these cites. :) after I took a million pictures I just rolled down
the window and stuck my head out to look at it better. As we were
driving away, I took a selfie with Big Ben, which was scary because I
was holding my iPad out of the window while we were driving. It was so
cool though! You guys should have seen me, I was so excited.

The other day we had a really bad thunderstorm and we had to stay in
until it was over because it was too bad to bike in. While we were
looking out the window, a little girl across the street from us was
looking out her window too. We waved at each other and then she held a
paper up to the window. We couldn't read it but we pretended to, then
we would hold up a note, which she couldn't read either. But it was
still fun. Luckily it stopped raining and we were able to go to our
appointment but there was still scary thunder. Then the second we got
there and chained up our bikes it started raining again! But it
stopped by the time we were done with the lesson. Coincidence? I think

We have a lot of potential investigators and investigators who are
never home and never answer their phones. So sometimes it's very
frustrating to get in contact with people!

Nathan is doing great! He is still trying to figure out the Holy
Ghost. He knows that it's real but he doesn't always understand or
recognize it.

It seems like most the people we work with are either YSA aged men or
older less active  women who are lonely and like us to visit.

Jim ( a recent convert who was baptized just before I came) is getting
the priesthood next week! He is so excited to go to the temple and do

I saw a fox the other day! It made me think of Robin Hood. It was so
orange and cute! I wanted to cuddle with it but that didn't happen.
This morning we went and picked blackberries. We wore trousers ( pants)
and we took Tupperware and filled two Tupperwarefull of them! They
grow everywhere here! After that we did our studies
in a nearby park. It was nice to study outside in the sun! Today is
also Elder  Isaksen's birthday so we baked him a cake which is
right in front of me now and is very tempting. Actually Sister Top
baked it because the recipe was all in Norwegian. But I washed the

Yesterday Sister Top and I taught the lesson in relief society! It
went really well. It was Ezra Taft Benson lesson 15 about mothers and
fathers. It made us a bit homesick to prepare but I am grateful for
the great examples I have!

This morning during study I read about prayer. I really liked the
Bible Dictionary definition of prayer and the scriptures with it were
really good. Prayer is cool and it works! We pray all the time as
missionaries. We pray before we leave the flat, before every
appointment or stop by, and as soon as we get home, etc. all the time
I love you and miss you all! Have a great week!

Love sister McFarland

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