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Monday, August 3, 2015

A Little Girl in a Big City

This week went by super fast! We were very busy. We are teaching s lot
of people! It's frustrating when people don't show up to appointments
or answer their phone.

It has actually felt like summer this past week!

We have one investigator who is progressing a lot! He has a lot of
questions about the church and is trying to give up tea. He calls us a
lot with questions that he has from reading.  He is on date for
baptism on the 22nd of August. I am so excited for him and the faith he
is showing.

We are also working with a lot of less actives at the moment. One guy
is was baptized in Portugal and became less active and moved England
to change his life. It amazing how much the gospel changes lives!

On the 31 of July we had an exchange with sister Van Syl. So I spent a
day in London on Harry potters birthday! ( I know I'm such a nerd.)
London is a very busy city. I don't know how anyone finds their way
around! We were in north London. Also I got to ride on the top of a
red double decker bus! 

The underground is very claustrophobic because
it's in a tunnel underground ( hence the name ) and full of people!
The next day we played football ( soccer) with some kids from the ward
and the elders in the area. It was really fun! We also had a very
inspiring zone meeting in Canterbury on Wednesday.

Something people say all the time here is " you alright?" Instead of
Hello. Another English term is hoovering which means vacuuming. ( hoover
is a type of vacuum I guess so everyone just calls it that, like
Levi's are jeans).

Other than that I didn't have that exciting of a week. Just lots of
biking and teaching the gospel.

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Love you all!
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