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Monday, December 5, 2016

Awkward Moments

Hello everyone! I hope you have all had a good week.

This week has been good for us here in Dereham. Full of blessings, tender mercies, and awkward moments. As always. Mission life was full of strange happenings this week. Including (but not limited to) a woman coming to the door with no clothes on, being preached to by born agains on the street for an hour, and almost getting lost in remote villages. I think the most embarrassing one happened when we went to visit an older member who is in a care home. He is a lovely man who loves to get visitors, and loves the gospel. When we went, he was sitting in the lounge area with a few other elderly people. As chairs where limited, I let the member we were with and my companion sit on the chairs while I sat on the floor. As we were talking, I slowly became aware that my tights were wet. I thought through what had happened that day, and realising that it hadn't been raining, and I didn't spill anything, so the carpet must have already been wet. The bad smell suddenly helped me put two and two together as I realised with horror that someone must have had an accident on the floor, right where I was sitting. So gross. Luckily it was the end of the day so we could rush home to shower and get a change of clothes. 

But, on a more spiritual note, things have been going very well here. God is blessing us so much! Chris is really progressing. He came to church yesterday and really enjoyed it. I always get nervous when new friends come to fast and testimony meeting because I'm worried that the members might say something blasphemous. But no one did and he really appreciated it!

Sister Cabral and I have been really trying to work more with the members here, and have been seeing good things come from it. The members here are fantastic.

I love you all! Have a great week.

Sister Adriana McFarland

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